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Craft Master Engraving Concentrates...

...on custom engraving to fulfill your standard and custom needs in small tags and signs.

We are established with clientele from fire departments and rescue companies - providing elements for the "Accountability System". This system was designed to keep track of the fire and ems personnel at the scene. The importance of this system becomes quite apparent when there is a mutual aid incident, and an individual is responsible for the accountability of EVERYONE, meaning your own personnel (which is hard enough...) plus ADDITIONAL personnel!

Every member within the system has their name and town identifier on a small personnel tag. This tag is then applied to a vehicle tag with your other department personnel who are also on the scene.

Vehicle tags are specific to the apparatus brought to the scene, and specific to the town or company represented.

When these tags are given to the commander (or anyone else who may be in charge of a given situation), it allows them to keep track of all personnel in a more consistent, organized way by checking the tactical board (This board is also custom made with your town name and company name at the top).

Don't forget!

We also provide engraving services for apartments, small businesses and completely custom orders. Please look through the following pages for visual examples of what we do, and contact us if you have any questions!